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Get Instant Access To My Personal Library Of 40+ Online And Offline Wizards* That Make All Your Content Creation, Marketing, And Sales Copy Writing Jobs 100X Faster, Easier And Better!

13 Downloadable Wizards

  • Tag Post Wizard
  • Sixty Second Selling Machine
  • Super Keyword Scraper v3.0
  • ​Easy Sales Copy Wizard
  • ​3 Hour Kindle Book Wizard
  • ​Instant Sales Video Scripts Wizard
  • ​Expert Interview Wizard
  • ​Podcast Interview Wizard
  • ​Desktop Ad Wizard
  • ​PPTX Wizard
  • ​Custom Content Wizard
  • ​Signature Speech Wizard
  • ​Expert Interview Sales Page Wizard
  • ( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
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  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)
  • ​( Value $497)

69 Online Wizards

  • 3rd Party Hero's Journey Outline Wizard
  • ​3rd Party Sales Story Wizard
  • ​5 Day Challenge Wizard
  • ​60 Second Tidbit Wizard
  • ​Article Idea Starter Express Wizard
  • ​Article Title Wizard
  • Automatic Marketing Message Wizard 
  • Classic Long Form Sales Letter Wizard
  • ​Content Idea Machine Wizard
  • ​Content Sandwich Wizard V2.0
  • ​Custom Presentation Wizard
  • ​Daily Content Idea Wizard
  • ​Drama Storyline Wizard
  • ​Dynamic Book Description Wizard
  • ​Dynamic Checklist Wizard
  • Easy Tweet Wizard
  • ​Email / Blog Post Tip Express Wizard
  • ​Email Subject Line Wizard
  • ​Explanation Storyline Wizard
  • ​Express Sales Letter Wizard
  • ​FB Live, Video, & Podcast Segment Script Wizard
  • ​Free Report Promo Wizard
  • ​Gary Halbert's Favorite Direct Response Marketing Headlines
  • ​Hero's Journey Wizard
  • ​Hidden Persuasion Wizard 
  • ​Instant Tip Wizard
  • Instant Tip Wizard -Mistakes to Avoid
  • ​Instant Tip Wizard -Single Juicy Tip
  • ​Jim's Personal Title, Description, & Hashtag Wizard
  • ​Killer Ebook Title Wizard
  • ​Killer Headline Wizard V2.0
  • ​Listicle Wizard
  • ​Listicle Title & Brainstorming Wizard
  • ​Lumen 5/ Adobe Spark Video Script Wizard
  • ​Meme Wizard
  • ​Niche & Offer Detective Wizard
  • ​Non-Fiction Title Wizard
  • ​Opt-in Squeeze Page Wizard
  • ​Origin Story Wizard
  • ​Original Article Outline Wizard
  • ​Personal Ad Copy
  • ​Pitch Storyline Wizard
  • ​PowerPoint Presentation Wizard
  • ​PPC Ad Wizard
  • ​PPT Opt-in Video Wizard
  • ​PPT Video Sales Letter Wizard
  • ​Press Release Wizard
  • ​Presentation Pitch Wizard
  • ​Product Promise Express Wizard
  • ​Product Review Wizard
  • ​Profitable Title & Smokin’ Hot Domain Wizard
  • ​Quote/ Excerpt Wizard
  • ​Sales Copy Big Picture Research Wizard
  • ​Sales Copy Story Wizard
  • ​Short Headline Wizard
  • ​Simple Interview Wizard
  • ​Special Offer Wizard
  • ​Stealth Close Wizard V2.0
  • ​The Curiosity Copy Wizard
  • ​The Little Blue Book Title Wizard
  • ​The Prospect Hot Button Wizard
  • ​The Question & Confirmation Wizard
  • ​Timeless Classic Proven Headlines
  • ​Title & Tagline Wizard
  • ​Tool Tip Content Wizard
  • ​Tool Tip Idea Wizard
  • ​Video Story Idea Brainstorming Wizard
  • ​Webinar Post-Show Promo Wizard
  • ​What I Do In One Sentence Wizard
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $197)
  • ​(Value $297)
  • ​(Value $197)
  • ​(Value $197)
  • ​(Value $197)
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $197)
  • ​(Value $297)
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $197)
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  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $297)
  • (Value $297)
  • (Value $197)​
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $997)​
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $997)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $297)
  • ​(Value $497)
  • ​(Value $497)
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  • ​(Value $397)
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  • ​​​(Value $397)
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  • ​​​(Value $497)
  • ​​​(Value $397)
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  • ​​​(Value $397)
  • ​​​(Value $297)
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  • ​​​(Value $997)
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  • ​​​(Value $397)
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  • ​​​(Value $397)
  • ​​​(Value $997)
  • ​​​(Value $497)
  • ​​​(Value $497)
  • ​​​(Value $297)
  • ​​​(Value $297)
  • ​​​(Value $497)
  • ​​​(Value $497)
  • ​​​(Value $997)
  • ​​​(Value $497)
  • ​​​(Value $297)
  • ​​​(Value $997)
  • ​​​(Value $997)

Access All These Wizards:

*Does not include Funnel Scripts. May not include future wizards created with partners.

$42,754.00 Value*

* This is the minimum I would charge to go through and do each of the wizards with you one time. But you get to use them as much as you want… as often as you want!

Get Instant Access to 10+ Years Of Training In "The Vault"

"If Jim Had To Start Over In Online Marketing"

We'll cover how to come up with a plan based on what Jim would do if he had to start all over again today. You can use these techniques to find out what Jim would do, discover the tools and resources Jim would use, and even see how Jim would use his time on a daily basis!

"Niche Market Research: How & Where To Get Started Fast"

I'm going to reveal to you the realities of niche market research as they apply today. This is a no-fluff, no-nonsense training on what's actually working now and how you can shortcut the process. The things you did to research a niche before are NOT what you do now... the world is moving a LOT faster and you've got to be able to drill down into niches and sub niches quickly.

"How To Do a Webinar"

We cover how to quickly plan your webinar, build an effective presentation, get attendee signups, and pull off a great performance. I'll show you exactly what I do to pull off killer webinars, including the tools, wizards, resources, websites, and "off-the-shelf" items I use to create some of the best webinars you'll see anywhere. (Hey, after all, I am "The Webinar King!")

More Training Topics In The Vault

  • "How to Make This Year Your Best Ever!"
  • ​"Get Into Action"
  • ​"The Profitable Product Detective"
  • ​"The Best Target Market For You"
  • ​"Your Daily Marketing Checklist"
  • ​"The Man Who Sold 100,000,000 Ebooks 50 Years Before The Internet Was Even Invented"
  • ​"Your Personal Path to Profits"
  • ​"Amazing Product Ideas"
  • ​"Evergreen Products"
  • ​"Jim's Insider Checklist Secrets"
  • ​"Killer Headline Wizard Training"
  • ​"Stealth Closes: The Key To More Traffic and More Sales"
  • ​"Million Dollar Product Promise"
  • ​"Too Good A Deal To Pass Up"
  • ​"How To Write a Damn Good Sales Letter"
  • ​"How To Run Profitable Ads On YouTube"
  • ​"How To Write Great Online Ads"
  • ​"Facebook Advertising For Real People"
  • ​"Landing Page Secrets"
  • ​"The Truth About Funnels"
  • ​"How To Operate A Successful Blog in 20-30 Minutes a Day"
  • ​"A/B Split Testing Secrets Every Website Owner Needs To Know"
  • ​"Profitable Info-Product Creation"
  • ​"List Building From Scratch"
  • ​"How To Succeed In Info-Marketing with NO LIST to Start V2.0"
  • ​"How To Create A Truly Great Info-Product ... Every Time!"

Access The Vault Trainings:

$10,000.00 Value

Get Instant Access to Monthly Live Trainings and Replays

"Origin Story Secrets"

On this one-of-a-kind webinar we cover how you can use what’s called an “origin story” that’s uniquely your own to powerfully grow your business (no matter what you sell or who you sell it to!)

"The Secret To Amazing Presentations"

Presentations can be used in so many ways from video articles, to sales videos, to client presentations and so much more! In this brand new LIVE training session I’ll show you all the ways you can use presentations to boost your business, even in our current economy.

"My Plan: If I Could Only Work 1 Hour A Day"

On this Premium webinar we'll cover how to have a great impact on your ideal customers and grow your business even when you're super busy.
You can use these techniques to build your tribe, make more sales, and keep momentum!

More Training Topics From TJEM Premium

  • "Quote Curation"
  • ​"Avatar Selling Secrets"
  • ​"Tidbit Wizard Training"
  • ​"12 Big Lessons From The JimBoat"
  • ​"Anatomy Of A Book Launch"
  • ​"Selling with Stories About A 3rd Party"
  • ​"Super Keyword Scraper V3 Training"
  • ​"The Hero's Journey"
  • ​"Jim's 3 Rules for Sales Crushing Copy"
  • ​"Headlines Tips, Tricks, & A Brand New Tool Every Entrepreneur Needs"
  • ​"Hidden Persuasion Wizard"
  • ​"Your Weekly Marketing To-Do List"
  • ​"My 100 Day Plan for Affiliate Domination"
  • ​"FB Live Video 5 Day Plan Checklist"
  • ​"Tag Post Wizard Training"
  • ​"What I Do In One Sentence Hook"
  • ​"Product Reviews"
  • ​"Tool Tips and 2 NEW Wizards"
  • ​"Turn Their Mistakes Into Your Profits"
  • ​"Jim's NEW Content Marketing Wizard Arsenal"
  • ​"How To Write Great Ads That Get Clicks"
  • ​"Advanced Mechanics for Facebook Live "
  • ​"Facebook Live Mechanics"
  • ​"Driving Traffic From Articles, Social Media, and Any Other Content"
  • ​"Webinar and Event Promotion"
  • ​"Email Follow-Up Marketing"
  • ​"Profitable Content Ideas On Demand"
  • ​"Opt-In "Squeeze" Page Secrets"
  • ​"Video Sales Letters That Sell"

Access The TJEM Premium Trainings:

$5,964/ Year Value

Get Instant Access to True Life Success Lessons

Traditional "self help" is a giant load of BS and the movie 'The Secret' was over-hyped and only gave half the story!
That's why if you want to change your life for the better, then clear your calendar right now. Because I'm pulling back the curtain to teach you how YOU can do this in your own life (and a whole lot more!)
These are action steps and simple TRUE LIFE Success Lessons I've never talked about before and they come from my last 20+ years "in the trenches" actually DOING what I'll be teaching you.

"Module 1: How To Get Anything You Want"

We cover great truths I have learned.
You can use these techniques of thinking, visualizing, and even strong emotion about what you want.

"Module 2:  Your Personal Paradigm Shift"

We cover metaphors that rule our lives.
I'll explain how these metaphors define your vision of "reality."
Heck, I even show you the how to shift your paradigm... FAST!

"Module 3:  Your PowerVision Movie Webinar"

We cover how to visualize and manifest anything you really want from life.
I'll explain how to create an unstoppable vision that is so magnetized and so powerful that you can't help but turn it into your everyday reality!

"Module 4:  How to Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & Remove Emotional Blocks"

Is there something that's really bothering you? Do you have emotional "blocks" you can't seem to get past? Are there "issues" that keep cropping up in your life?

"Module 5:  Self Perception and 'Right" Action"

How do you feel about yourself, honestly? Do you like "you?" Would you like to feel better about yourself more consistently?
If the answer is "yes," then "Change Your Self Image (Self-Perception) & Taking Right Action (Inspired Action)" gives you the answers to many important questions and challenges every person who wants more out of life faces.

"Module 6:  How To Apply The Universal Laws Of Success In Your Everyday Life"

Have you ever thought there were rules to the "game of life" that, if you just knew them, you could do a LOT better in your results and your happiness?
Well, "How To Apply The Universal Laws Of Success In Your Everyday Life" gives you the rules - as well as the answers - to many important questions and challenges every person who wants more out of life faces.

"Module 7: Overcome Fear And Banish Doubt From Your Life… Now!"

Does fear hold you back? Do you doubt your abilities? Do you self-sabotage?
If you're someone who wants more out of life, then you're about to discover how to get a life you love and can be proud of! Right now!

"Module 8: How To Change Fast and Find Success In Your Life"

Do you want to make changes in your life, but you don't know how? Do you feel stuck? If so, "How To Change Fast and Find Success In Your Life: The Power of Questions" gives you the help you need to make changes in your life FAST.

"Module 9: Positive Thinking, Affirmative Thinking and Expectancy"

Most people FAIL miserably with "positive thinking!" Why? Because they think positive thinking is enough. It's NOT! If you want to use positive thinking in a way that will actually work, then "Positive Thinking, Affirmative Thinking and Expectancy: The Secret To Get What You Want" gives you the answers to many important questions and challenges every person who wants more out of life faces.

"Module 10: How To Overcome Procrastination"

Are you tired of not getting things done? Are you sick of self-sabotage?
If you're someone who wants more out of life, then you're about to discover how to get a life you love and can be proud of! Right now! In fact, "How To Overcome Procrastination: The 5-Minute Roadblock Buster Solution" gives you the answers to many important questions and challenges every person who wants more out of life face.

"Module 11: How To Make a Decision!"

If you're someone who wants more out of life, then you're about to discover how to get a life you love and can be proud of! Right now!
In fact, "How To Make a Decision! The Power of Making Decisions To Enrich Your Life" gives you the answers to many important questions and challenges every person who wants more out of life faces.

"Module 12: How To Make Money"

Do you need more money? Do you not have enough money? Do you constantly struggle with money?  Then "How To Make Money: The Truth About Money, Where Money Comes From, and How To Get More Money" is exactly what you want because gives you the answers to many important questions and challenges.

Access True Life Success Lessons:

$197.00 / Year Value

Get Instant Access to DIY Media Marketing Academy

"How To Get More Online Visibility For Your Business... No Matter What Business You're In!"
The Foundations Trainings will help you:
  • 3 DIY Media Marketing Secrets
  • The Success Path
  • ​Core Concepts
  • ​Define Your Online Goals
  • ​Choose and Research Your Niche Audience
  • ​Set Up Your Facebook Page
  • ​Getting Your Website Set Up
  • ​The Key To Long Term Success
Additional Trainings cover:
  • Mindset
  • ​Your Lighthouse Offer
  • ​The Month to Get Ready for Next Year
  • ​Continuity Programs
  • ​What If I Had To Start All Over Again?
  • ​Deals, Sales, and Special Offers
  • ​Putting On An In-Person Seminar
  • ​Create A Book/ Ebook
  • ​Newsletter and Email List Building
  • ​DIY Podcasting
  • ​The Art of Free Advertising
  • ​Explore YouTube, Instagram, & Other Video Content Media
  • ​Create Awesome Content for Facebook to Build Your Business
  • ​Start the Year Off Right
  • ​The Art of the One Time Offer
  • ​Your DIY Business Action Plan
  • ​Affiliate Marketing Tips, Tricks, & Secrets
  • ​Old School Advertising That Still Works
  • ​Quick Start Social Media
  • ​Writing Sales Copy
"D.I.Y Media Marketing" by Stew Smith
& Jim Edwards
PDF Copy of our #1 Amazon Best Seller "D.I.Y. Media Marketing: How To Become Your Own Media Company Selling Any Product or Service " (Value: $14.95)
"Mental Toughness" Mindset Training
On this training we walk you step by step through how to develop an unstoppable mindset so you can get past any and all challenges that may come your way. We'll discuss motivation (and how to use it), mental toughness (and how to build it), along with the power of your will (and how to harness it) to accomplish ANY task no matter how big it might seem!

Access DIY Media
Marketing Academy:

$497.00 / Year Value

Get Instant Access to 7 Day Ebook Workshop

"How To Write and Publish Your Own Ebook... In As Little As 7 Days"
I hosted a workshop geared to help you get your own unique, valuable book written an published in less than 7 days.
I reveal step by step how to start using your book to establish credibility and get more business (no matter what business you're in).
Let me show you what you can expect:
  • The Ultimate eBook Success Formula - How to virtually guarantee a successful book
  • Creating eBook Titles and Descriptions That DRIVE Sales... Even If You're A Complete Unknown
  • The Exact Step-By-Step Process To Create and Publish Your Own eBook in 7 Days
  • ​9 Additional PROVEN Ways To Have Your eBook DONE Next Friday
  • ​How To Get Your Content Published in eBook or Physical Book Format
  • How To Make Your eBook and Book Funnel Offers Irresistible
If you're looking to:
  • Get the content for your book done as fast as possible
  • Get your book published and ready for sale
  • Use your new book as a serious business-building tool
Don't miss this 8 session workshop plus a process map to help you build your business with ebooks or build your ebook business!

Access 7 Day Ebook Workshop:

$497.00  Value

Here’s Everything You Get TODAY With

  • 13 Downloadable Wizards
Use these wizards to write an ebook, do a podcast, write video scripts, find keywords, and more!
Value: $6,461
  • 69 Online Wizards
These online wizards can help you write articles, create social media posts, press releases, and more.
Value: $36,293
  • 10+ Years of Training in the Vault
These trainings can help you create or grow your online business!
Value: $10,000
  • LIVE Monthly Trainings and Replays
Catch Jim's live monthly trainings to help you stay current in online business.
Value: $5,964/ Year
  • Bonus: True Life Success Lessons
These are action steps and simple TRUE LIFE Success Lessons I've never talked about before. 
Value: $197/ Year
  • Bonus:  DIY Media Marketing Academy
How to get more online visibility for your business...
no matter what business you're in!
Value: $497 / Year
  • Bonus:  7 Day Ebook Workshop
How to write and publish your own ebook... in as little as 7 days!
Value: $497 

Total Value: $59,909/ Year

Your Price Today:

Option 1: $97/ Month 

Option 2: $997/ Year

 (Save About 20% Per Year)

Option 2: $997/ Year

 (Save About 20% Per Year)

See you on the inside,
Jim Edwards
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Take a look at these testimonials for just a few of our wizards and the content you'll get instant access to right now…

"This was brilliant!"

"Everything was laid out so logically, clearly, and fully with great examples and resources galore. 

I had purchased a program on membership sites that was hard to follow and didn’t answer my questions as it went along. What you shared put this “expert’s” product to shame. 

Now I have to read my notes and listen to the MP3 to formulate my questions. Your webinars always over-deliver with value, value, value. You never disappoint. Thanks!!!"

"All the products I've bought with which Jim Edwards has been involved - either as co-creator or promoter - all have been absolutely wonderful."

"They're such a welcome antidote to the rubbish that's sold online. Over the past few years, he is certainly a man who has gained my respect as an expert who delivers quality information for a VERY reasonable cost. And for someone like me who is non-technical, his support services are second to none."
-Dr. Jeannette Kavanagh
  Melbourne, Australia

"Talk about an easy to follow, step by step, paint by numbers success manual!"

"Jim laid it out so well even a Kentucky boy can do it! Another skill added and more bottom line, too!"
-Mike Sigers

"Delivers on the promise"

" And showed me how to take what I already have and turn it into money fast. Thanks Jim!"
-Terry Kozlowski

"This ...was EXACTLY what I needed to get my
business on-track."

"Like most people, I keep a to-do list of tasks, but doing our checklists the way Jim showed us changes them from to-do tasks to a step in the daily-weekly-monthly yearly plan. It is so much easier to see the end result with this simple but brilliant plan."
-Patty Rutkowski

"You have to get these wizards."

"Don't muck around, don't think about it, Don't waste time thinking you'll figure it out... - Just DO IT ! Once you get them - you'll understand what you've got and this will help you to revolutionize any idea you'd like to create to help people, do a business, reach your goals - whatever! Go for the wizards!"
-Gayle Atherton

"These wizards look easy to use and effective."

"I've seen wizards before that were so vague in the info they asked for that you got total nonsense out of anything you entered and forced you to go through, line-by-line and figure out what kind of info you were "supposed" to put in.

These give you full explanation and examples of what is needed. I foresee no problems using them!"
-Jeff Baas

"I like how Jim goes the 'extra mile'."

"And makes it so easy for someone to get started with the wizards he provides in order to put the information we've learned to good use."
-David Brandenburg

"GREAT wizards to shorten the process and speed the time."

"Jim, I like the way you make it easy for all your members by creating these GREAT wizards to shorten the process and speed the time it takes to get a project done. Many thanks and keep up the good work."
-Jeff Bell

"The Wizard just blew me away!!!!"

"Going to save a TON of time. Personally, all my roadblocks have been removed so there's no excuses this time."
-Rodney Durrant

"The Wizard is AMAZING."

"The amount of time it can save is extremely valuable."
-Dan Thomas

"Jim, your products have been truly life-changing for me."

"I'm good with words, but the thought of running out of ideas - having "writer's block" and getting horribly stuck - held me back from taking on writing projects. When I came across your wizards all of that changed. I now know that I'll never be stuck for what to write, and am going full steam ahead with providing writing and, from today, video services too!"
- Noeline

"What a tool and a clever way to save time."

"What a tool and a clever way to save time and streamline an entire back-end marketing process regardless of your market!"
- Mike Gormley

"Fortune is in the follow-up."

"The Fortune is in the follow-up and this wizard makes the follow-up painless."
- Kathleen Maxwell
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